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JHB food photographer

I was having a ‘sad day’ and my thoughts travelled to pudding (like most women do) and so I decided that it’s time to start baking and creating something appetising and taking beautiful photos of it…

On this fateful morning I thought it time to try something new, something (brand / recipe) I hadn’t tried before, and so I bought Ina Paarman’s cheese cake mix.  For those that know me well you will have figured out that I very seldom “try something new” and rather stick to tried and tested recipes so this was a big step for me 🙂

But I didn’t get to work on ‘baking this cheesecake when I got home, as I somehow felt too guilty in enjoying the baking instead of sitting down and doing some design work.  One day I decided that I am baking that cheesecake and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying my job so much.  You know you love your job when you still wake up some mornings and wonder if you are dreaming 🙂

So I baked the cake and had to fight off all the serious eaters (ok just my siblings clamouring to get a slice of this beautiful cheese cake) but I warned them that no-one was to touch it before this JHB food photographer had taken photos of this pudding from every angle. and the photo came out mouth-watering (and the tart was definitely just as good as it looks)

Riani Labuschagne